receiving grace from God.

       practicing grace toward ourselves.

                sharing grace with others.             




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We were created for connection, relationship, love, movement, breath, and joy.  To learn, grow, and explore. To be loved and to love.  To live in grace and extend that toward others. To dive deep into faith and live it out in our lives.  Blossoming Grace exists to foster growth in all of these areas of our lives through the practice of yoga.


We offer weekly group classes and private classes in Squamish, BC, as well as occasional workshops and retreats.  As traditional hatha and yin yoga poses are paired with encouragements and reflection, our hope is that you will experience nourishment for every part of your being - body, mind, and soul.  


Heather Kennedy brought Blossoming Grace Yoga to life in 2017.  As she experienced the benefits of yoga to her body, mind and soul, she felt a deep desire to share the practice as an encouragement to others.  She marvels at God's grace in her life on a daily basis and through yoga hopes to share that grace with you.


“I am so thankful for my yoga classes with Heather. Heather is positive and encouraging and facilitates a beautiful time for connecting with God and getting good exercise. I always leave class feeling refreshed physically, mentally and spiritually." - Kelsey